Android Email Set Up Instructions

Configure your Android for DBIS mail.

Android 4.3 Jelly Bean

1.From the Home screen, tap Email.
2.Tap Menu, then Settings.
3.Tap Add Account.
4.Tap Others.
5.Enter your full e-mail address and password.

You can check the Show Password box to verify you have entered your password correctly.

Tap Manual setup.

6.When asked What type of account is this, select IMAP account.
7.Enter the incoming server settings.
IMAP server:
Security type: SSL
Port number: 993
Tap Next
8.Enter the Outgoing SMTP settings.
SMTP server:
Security type: TLS
Port number: Change to 465
Ensure Require sign-in is checked
Username: your full email address
Password: your email password
Tap Next
9.Select the Email checking frequency dropdown and choose an email checking frequency.
If desired, ensure the account options are selected: Send email from the account by default. Notify me when email arrives.
Tap Next
10.Enter an account name and the outgoing message name.
Tap Next